AirFit N10 Nasal CPAP Mask


The ResMed AirFit™ N10 Nasal CPAP Mask feels smaller than it looks. One of the lightest nasal masks on the market, it offers maximum comfort and precise fit in a compact nasal mask design that has the fit and feel of a smaller nasal pillow design.


The AirFit N10 is ResMed’s latest nasal CPAP mask. Long known as one of the innovators in the CPAP industry, ResMed Products come with all of the comforts you’d expect from a leading brand. The headgear straps are comfortable, and the mask comes with soft wraps that can be added for increased satisfaction and prevent facial marks. The headgear itself can be attached via a magnetic clip for quick and easy application as well as taking apart. The AirFit CPAP mask comes with SpringAir cushions in two different sizes, each featuring a unique design that maintains an effective seal all night long.

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Magnetic Headgear Clips
Magnets lie inside the headgear clips and frame of the AirFit™ N10. Once looped through, the headgear is only a snap away from being connected.
Spring Air Dual-Wall Cushion
The outer wall seals while the inner wall stabilizes. It features a clip which is used to quickly release the cushion from the mask frame.
Minimal Contact Points
The upper arms of the AirFit N10 frame are designed in a curved pattern which hovers over the cheeks, allowing for minimal contact with the face.
Circular Venting
The N10 frame has a ring of small exhalation ports that directs the air in various directions away from the user and bed partner. The number of ports provides a quiet experience.
SoftEdge Headgear
The included SoftEdge headgear aims to provide a comfortable, stable fit and promote a proper seal. The softness of the headgear reduces the chance of red marks developing.
Soft Wraps Included
Soft wraps are included with the AirFit N10 and are placed over the clear silicone frame. The soft wraps add comfort if the frame should rest on the cheeks while sleeping on the side.

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